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Secret and Super Sri Lankan Bodybuilding Food – Part 2

By Nipun Liyanage

In this installment, author will discuss a couple of more super and secretive food which are really Sri Lankan food that are excellent for bodybuilders.

Sweet Potato

This is one of the main sources of complex carbohydrates for bodybuilders around the world. Author is not talking just any bodybuilder or weight training athlete but professional bodybuilders and athletes. However, again this super food is ditched as an “inferior and poor man’s” food by the Sri Lankan bodybuilding and fitness community while they proudly eat oats and basmati rice as their main source of carbs while wasting valuable money on useless and inferior supplements which can’t even come close to this super food.

Basically the same dietary properties that are inherent in Manioc are present in sweet potatoes. Again, while Sri Lankans eat this predominantlyas a breakfast food, for international bodybuilders it’s a staple and an essential food eaten at any time of the day. Again this a dual super food as it’s equally ideal both as a bulking and cutting food.

Sweet potato is also chockfull of Vitamin A which many claim to be many times the required daily allowance which is not necessarily a bad thing for hard training bodybuilders. Its Beta-Carotene content too is not so far behind. In addition, this has even more fibre and Potassium than the great Manioc itself which is essential for hard training athletes. What’s extremely noteworthy is that Sweet Potato has basically half the calories than the other super food, Manioc. Moreover, just like Manioc, this is basically a zero fat food. Therefore, to say Sweet Potato is a super food is a pure understatement.

Furthermore, due to its subtle sweetness, eating ample amounts of this food is a breeze. In author’s personal opinion,this can be an excellent baby food too which many babies will love but not many Sri Lankan parents give this to their babies while giving the much less nutritious white potato. Anyway consult your doctor first if you would like to make this change. Finally, if you do give this to your baby, don’t forget to thank the bodybuilders because it’s them who taught us the value of this food as they have taught many other things to the non-bodybuilding community. And trust the author, they are miles ahead in knowledge when it comes to other advancements in training and nutrition too.

As a footnote, it’s worth mentioning that many respectable sport and nutritional scientists agree that bodybuilders are at least 30 years ahead of the scientific community when it comes knowledge and breakthroughs in training science and nutrition. Bodybuilders first find it and the scientific community catches up with themusually after 30 years or so only.

Sprats(Haal Masso)

Sprats are not usually recognized for their nutritional value but they are said to contain very high levels of protein. Though this maybe controversial and not scientifically accepted as a general guideline, many claim its protein content is as high as 60-65% compared to the usual 20-25% in other meats and fish. This is a well-kept secret among hardcore South Asian bodybuilders especially Maldivian. Though the typical Sri Lankan doesn’t eat more than a very small amount of this small fish, hardcore bodybuilders eat this high protein source by the plateful.

Those who can’t eat them in such high quantities on their own to get the full benefits of its high protein content, prefer to somehow gulp this nutrient-dense fish as a paste or spread along with rice or bread. Although this may not be very appetising and delicious, hardcore bodybuilders somehow stomach this one way or another in order to fulfill their daily protein requirements. Moreover, this is a far cheaper source of high quality protein compared to other meats and fish. Science aside, its legendary protein content does indeed makethis a super food.

Apart from the high protein content, sprats are also high in vitamins and minerals but low in saturated fat.Sprats also contain very high levels of polyunsaturated fats including Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) which are very beneficial not just for bodybuilders but anyone else for that matter. EPA and DHA are Omega-3 fatty acids which are extremely healthy and beneficial to a healthy metabolism.This is especially good news for those looking to shed fat. Sprats are also jam-packed with Vitamin B12 which is claimed to be over the required daily allowance. Last but not least,they are also a very good source of Vitamin D.

Nipun Liyanage is Sri Lanka's one and only underground bodybuilding and strength and conditioning coach. He is also a Bodybuilding and Nutritional Consultant and Sri Lanka’s first and only bodybuilding/fitness writer/blogger. He runs his own bodybuilding consultancy service which is an exclusive and underground Bodybuilding/Fitness Consultancy Service dedicated to serious and devoted bodybuilders, athletes and people only. He has more than 15 years of experience in the Sri Lankan fitness industry, 11 of which is as an underground coach. He maintains a blog at and could be contacted at

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